Wednesday, May 30, 2012

long distance or close range love..

our love story
is close
only one region
but we miss
range across two continents
too miss
that is felt by us
a very deep affection
has been cultivated in our love
that just a few months
with you
I feel safe, happy and appreciated
we love much trials and obstacles that befall
but with the alleged
we are willing to overcome with patience
with the alleged also
strengthen our love
love is not easy
for a bounced
but love is a great responsibility
because it involves the heart and passions ..

distance does not separate the love of our relationship
but closer contacts made
for our memories span themiles and second we are there
but When ever I start feeling sad
Because I miss you
I remind myself
how lucky I am
to have someone special to miss ..
love the short-haul
we always do not want to make separate
although for a while
we always desire to make each other
it will cause a pair of lovers
requires maintained between each other

  long-distance or close range love
it is still in love
that unites two souls become one
love is appreciated that the present
love is not necessarily the people
love can exist between animals
The most special love is the love of Allah and His Messenger ..

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